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About Us

Blue Grass Island CBD products are founded on the idea that life can continuously offer more enjoyment. Our range of offerings is designed to enhance the lives of seniors, active individuals, and our beloved pets.

Our products begin with top-tier, pure Kentucky full-spectrum CBD oil sourced from Industrial Hemp. Yes, Industrial Hemp. This choice assures our customers that they can trust in the utmost quality of our CBD oils, without any concerns about triggering any problems in drug tests.

Now, let’s delve into why we opt for Hemp over Marijuana and explore the distinctions between the two.”

Hemp vs Marijuana: Composition

Cannabis is composed of a variety of compounds known as cannabinoids, with two of the most prominent being Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and Cannabidiol (CBD). Both of these cannabinoids have demonstrated significant benefits for the human body. However, THC is known to produce psychoactive effects, commonly referred to as getting the user “high” while CBD lacks any psychoactive properties.

This contrast between THC and CBD becomes particularly important when comparing Hemp and Marijuana. Hemp typically contains a very low concentration of THC, typically 0.3% or less, making it suitable for industrial applications. On the other hand, Marijuana is rich in THC, with concentrations ranging from 15% to 40%. This fundamental difference in THC content dictates the primary purposes for which each is cultivated:

Hemp is primarily grown for industrial use, while Marijuana is cultivated for both recreational and medicinal purposes.”

Hemp vs Marijuana: Usages

Given its high THC content, Marijuana is cultivated specifically for its psychoactive effects, serving both recreational and medicinal purposes. It can be consumed through various methods, including smoking, inhalation, ingestion, and even injection. THC is also frequently extracted from the plant and incorporated into diverse products such as vaporizers, capsules, edibles, and more.

In contrast, Hemp is primarily harnessed for its industrial potential, as it can yield a multitude of essential resources, including paper, textiles, construction materials, biofuel, food items, oils, and more. Furthermore, the growing global demand for CBD has prompted the use of Hemp to produce a wide array of THC-free CBD products.”

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